Inpatient Drug or Alcohol Rehab at Empower offers 24-hour supervision, full emotional support and removal from outside triggers.  Our Zen environment provides the perfect atmosphere for complete recovery.

Inpatient Rehab

Many find the words inpatient rehab frightening.  Thoughts of leaving family and work responsibilities behind along with financial considerations often keep those in need of help from getting the care they need.  Some may use those thoughts as an excuse to keep from dealing with their problem.

In most cases, Inpatient Rehab provides the best chance for a successful recovery.   With 24-hour care and support and the ability to truly focus on Empower’s Perception Therapy® treatment program our inpatient rehab clients has a success rate of up to four times higher than traditional treatment programs.

What is Inpatient Rehab at Empower Really Like?

If you are not familiar with inpatient rehab you might have visions of dormitory living, hospital wards or even jail cells.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  At Empower, Inpatient Rehab clients have private bedrooms and access to facilities including a fitness center, game room, art studio, yoga studios, sun deck and Jacuzzi.  Meals are prepared to order.

Our team which includes our Medical Director (a licensed psychiatrist) licensed Therapists, art therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapists and client service representatives are trained to serve the needs of each individual client as the individual that they are.  Empower is a smaller treatment center, so our Inpatient Rehab clients get an unmatched level of personal care.

Clients attend individual and group therapy, classes and participate in activities including yoga and tai chi.  Many sessions take place outdoors as Empower takes full advantage of our location near beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida.

How Long is an Inpatient Rehab Treatment Program?

At Empower we recommend a minimum of 30 days of Inpatient Care.  Every individual case if different and some people will require a longer stay than others.  What we do know is that the longer you stay, the better chance you have for a successful recovery.

How Much Does Inpatient Rehab Cost?

The cost of personalized inpatient care can certainly be expensive.  However much of the expense may be covered by private health insurance.  Low interest medical care loans may be available for qualified applicants.  An Empower admissions specialist works with all potential clients to review every financial option to make Inpatient Rehab at Empower possible.

Will Inpatient Rehab Cut me off from my Family and Business?

Not at Empower.  Some rehab centers do require patients to cut themselves off from the outside world.  At Empower you will have access to your cell phone and laptop.  They must be turned off during classes and therapy sessions, but during free time our clients may check in on their family and business pursuits.  If something from the family or business world presents a potential trigger during a client’s stay, our team of professionals are on hand and ready to help that person deal with it and overcome it.  It is a real-world treatment model.

I have Special Dietary Needs

Meals at Empower are organic, healthy and made to order.  Coffee, tea, juices and water are provided.    Almost all dietary restrictions (Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free, Sugar Free etc) can be accommodated.  Empower team members regularly go to local markets and can pick up personal grocery items for clients (at the individual’s expense).  There is a licensed nutritionist on staff that can be consulted for those looking to make healthy changes in their diet.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is allowed in designated areas.  If a client is interested in quitting smoking during Inpatient Rehab, Empower offers a smoking cessation program.

Interested in Learning More About Inpatient Rehab at Empower?  Call (888) 834-2451 and speak to an Admissions Specialist