Our private rehab center offers

Our luxury rehab center

accepts most insurance plans, but not HMO’s, Tri-Care or Medicaid. Call now to verify yours!

One-on-one therapy

with an assigned, licensed, Ph.D. specialist who will be with you for your entire treatment!


unique among drug rehab centers, we offer our guarantee in writing!

Private bedroom

w/TV & WiFi; enjoy our executive Gym, Sauna, Jacuzzi and outdoor activities!

18 Years of Service,

Florida licensed, DUI Court Approved, and Joint Commission Accredited – We’re Top Rated!

Voted among “The Best”

for our non-12-step Program, private bedrooms, laptop & cell phone policy, and diverting outings!

Plus: We offer a Recovery NOW! Guarantee! So, if you’re ready to break free from addiction NOW and enroll in the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in America, we’re ready to GUARANTEE your success!

Our professional Team

“What any of us knows, we only know because, by the grace of God and with the help of good genes, we have had the innate capacity to learn it.

Empower Testimonials

And we have learned it because someone in the great, wide world cared enough to teach it.

James Patrick DillonPresident & CEO

Acknowledging this becomes a statement of our essential human equality. It engenders humility.

James Patrick DillonPresident & CEO

Doing so upfront, in any relationship, empowers those who come to learn to receive
what’s being taught as equals.

James Patrick DillonPresident & CEO

And that helps keep everything in perfect balance…

James Patrick DillonPresident & CEO

24/7 Care At The Best Rehab Center

Our luxury rehab center offers alcohol rehab and drug recovery at a residential or “inpatient” level of care on-site. Our ten bed, private rehab center provides a soothing, Zen-inspired environment to help you achieve total wellness. Our team of licensed mental and behavioral health specialists, doctors, and holistic health practitioners are here to create an individualized drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehab treatment plan with you to help you achieve your goal.

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Our holistic rehab center offers alternative health and wellness strategies like Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, gentle stretch and movement, art, music therapy, and more as part of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Amenities Include

Our luxury rehab center offers a gym, sauna, therapeutic jacuzzi, sun deck, private and common areas, an art room, and a relaxing koi pond.

Relax at Our Zen-Inspired, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Our Non 12 Step Rehab Approach Is So Effective,

We Guarantee Your Recovery.  In Writing!
One, Two or Four Week Professional Retreats Available


Perception Therapy

Watch and learn more about Empower’s Perception Therapy® and Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® approach to dual diagnosis treatment! It’s so unique, it’s recognized by the U.S. government as a powerful, effective alternative to 12-Step Rehab!

In fact, we’ve earned a Registered Trademark for our non 12-step rehab treatment program and approach.

No other Drug and Alcohol treatment center that we know of can say that.

Revolutionary Treatment model

Empower is up to four times more effective than traditional 12 step treatment programs. We even offer a written recovery guarantee.

You may be asking: “How can they do that?” It’s simple. we’ve found a better way.

Traditional treatment focuses on behavior and labels. it doesn’t leave you happier or more fulfilled and that can lead to relapse. We focus on the CAUSE of unwanted behaviors, and treat them.

We know people don’t turn to drugs or alcohol unless they’re in pain. So, we TREAT THE PAIN! It’s a somewhat obvious, yet revolutionary approach. Stop affirming you are your behavior, and discover the real you at Empower. Get Started today!

Mind, Body, Spirit and Evironment.

The Empower Perception Therapy® treatment program consists of four sections; Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment.  This “whole person” approach gives Empower clients the tools to transform every aspect of their being, stop the pain of past traumas, and find inner peace and earthly purpose.

During a 30 day treatment program at Empower, we spend a full week exploring each of these four aspects of our selves.  Each Empower client works one-on-one with a Ph.D. level therapist, enjoys group sessions and activities, and works in their own Perception Therapy Workbook® .  Come. Get support and treatment. Relax, Learn and GROW!

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