A Non-12 Step Approach
Empower Utilizes an Effective and Proven Alternative to 12 Step Program

Most Americans are probably somewhat familiar with the 12 Steps.   12 Step Programs have been the primary treatment model for treating addictive disorders in the United States for over a century.  12 Step Programs have certainly saved countless lives and kept families together.  The 12 Steps aren’t for everyone and as we deal with a nationwide addiction epidemic we must consider alternative options to a program that most studies conclude has a success rate of less than 10%.

Major Differences in an Alternative to 12 Step Approach

A principal tenet of 12 Step treatment is to affirm someone as their worst behavior.  “Hello, my name is Joe and I am an alcoholic.” The Non-12 Step approach never labels a person in treatment and believes they are not defined by their addiction.   In the Non-12 Step Recovery Model, you are in individual looking to make positive changes for yourself.

Those in 12 Step Programs are taught to see themselves as powerless against the addiction.  A major facet of “working the program” is to submit oneself to a higher power.  While this is presented as non-denominational, it can be problematic for the personal belief systems of many who are struggling with addictive disorders.  In the Non-12 Step approach it is presented that the power

to heal comes from within.  In fact, the name “Empower” was chosen for this treatment center, because the Alternative to 12 Step treatment program provides clients with the tools to empower them to overcome the underlying issues that fuel addictive behavior.

The traditional 12 Step approach focuses on the behavior and not the person.  You could sum up the philosophy by saying “I drink (or gamble or use narcotics). Bad things happen to me because I drink, so I shouldn’t drink.”  Even if that approach helps someone stop, it doesn’t get at the root cause of why they started in the first place.   If you attend an AA Meeting (a major facet of the 12 Step approach) you will hear many give testimony that they were actually happier when they were using.  If someone in recovery is unhappy or depressed the chance for relapse increases exponentially.

The Non-12 Step Program focuses more on working through all the issues that may be troubling the client. Issues they may not even be aware of that have been buried in the subconscious, but creating trauma for many years.    It is a true whole person healing approach.  By helping the subject find inner balance and happiness, the possibility increases for a life filled with better and healthier choices.

The Non-12 Step Program and Dual Diagnosis

A diagnosis of an addictive disorder almost always comes with a co-occurring secondary diagnosis. The second diagnosis must be treated to successfully help the subject heal. Examples of co-occurring disorders are depression, stress, PTSD, bi-polar disorder or physical trauma. Attempts to “self-medicate” to temporarily relieve the pain caused by the co-occurring disorder often is the root cause of an addictive disorder.

While there are many 12 Step Treatment facilities that are licensed as Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers, the 12 Step Philosophy of being powerless against the addiction and making the addictive behavior the centerpiece of the process makes it far more difficult to properly treat a Dual Diagnosis.

Alternative to 12-Step Programs were created to better treat the dual diagnosis. The 12 Step Program was first used more than a century ago and has had very little revision despite numerous advances and discoveries in both medical and behavioral sciences. Non-12 Step Programs are constantly being reviewed and updated to better deal with the intricacies of today’s addictive disorders and the co-occurring diagnosis.

Empowers Perception Therapy® Treatment Program has almost two decades of proven results treating and healing dual diagnosis patients and has proven to be more than four times more effective than a traditional 12 Step Program.

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The Non-12 Step Difference

  • No Labels.
    You are not defined by your worst behavior

  • Non-denominational.
    Religious practice (if any) is up to you

  • Science based Whole Person Healing

  • Built for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

  • Up to Four Times More Effective