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voted among the best alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers in Florida

Empower has successfully helped thousands of people overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs. Our 10 bed residential treatment center offers individualized treatment in a private, executive level setting. Our Perception Therapy®  treatment model and our Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® approach have been proven to be up to four times more effective than traditional 12-Step rehab. Come see why Empower is one of the top Florida Rehabs.

Empower offers residential and outpatient programs in a 15,000 square foot zen inspired facility close to the beautiful beaches of sunny Clearwater, Florida.

A Happier, Healthier You Starts at Empower

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The Empower Difference

Private Rooms

Every Empower Guest enjoys a comfortable, private bedroom with satellite TV, complimentary WiFi and a desk/workspace. It’s a home away from home at which to rest and rejuvenate.

Cellphone, Laptop OK: Bring it!

You can bring your cellphone and laptop or tablet to Empower. So, YES! You can stay connected to loved ones and your business during your free time.


Eat the kind of food you like! Choose from tasty meals approved by our Licensed Dietitian and prepared by our private caterer. Kosher, Gluten free and vegetarian options are available. YES! We work with most dietary restrictions!

Get Fit

The fitness center includes a full array of cardio and strength training equipment.  Whether you’re a fitness buff or looking to get back into shape, our gym has what you need.

Get Back To Center

Empower offers art therapy, physical fitness, yoga, meditation, and kai-chi-do. You’ll visit local beaches, museums and parks. Come! Reconnect with the real you!

Smoking Permitted Outdoors

Yes! Smoking is permitted in designated areas outdoors.  Of course, if you are interested in quitting smoking, we can help you do that, too!

You should also know…

Empower offers a written Recovery Guarantee.  If you complete a 12 week recovery program and relapse within one year, you may return to Empower at a PHP or IOP-level of care for up to 12-Weeks at no out of pocket cost to you.*

Empower also provides clients with a signed  Cap Cost Guarantee.  You will know exactly what your treatment will cost before you start!   This allows you to focus on healing!

* Conditions must be met and restrictions apply. CALL FOR DETAILS!

Our Professional, Dedicated, and Caring Team!

James Dillon


Julia Dillon

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Sklar

L.M.H.C, Clinical Director

Syed Waqar Hasan

MD/Psychiatrist Medical Director

Empower Testimonials

I can’t put into words how truly amazing Empower has been for me. It really has to be experienced. This has been a life-changing program for me! It saved my life and my relationships. I am forever grateful for everyone at Empower who helped me along the way. The facility is beautiful. The approach is non-intrusive and extremely meaningful! The staff is top of the line – the best!!! I would recommend Empower for anyone seeking a positive change in their life!

K.M.Florida, USA

Your unwanted behaviors concern your friends, family, co-workers and others.
However, we understand that YOU are suffering, and what YOU need is real relief from the
painful feelings that caused the unwanted behaviors in the first place.
That’s what makes us different. It’s why we can help.

J.P.D.CEO, Empower LLC
My experience at Empower was both life and soul-saving. My experience with 12-step programs was that I found them to be demeaning and condescending. At Empower I found people who not only cared about me as an addict, but also strived to know me as a whole, complex person with unique issues, strengths, and weaknesses – someone who was not ‘just another addict like everyone else.’ I felt understood and respected as an individual at all times. They allowed me to work on my sobriety with their dedicated team without the undertone of resentment and frustration, which I found complicating all the previous 12-step treatments I was forced into. My sobriety these days is rock-solid and I can unequivocally credit Empower for a large and critical part of my recovery.
T.J.Pysician, Maryland

Empower saved my life. Truly everything I have learned here has helped me cope and be secure with myself and what I can believe in. The structure here is perfect. The staff is the most amazing, helpful and caring people that I have ever met. It is not about beliefs, it is about believing in yourself. I could of never done it without Empower’s help. I would recommend this treatment center to anyone in the world. It is just a place you can better yourself and learn to love who you really are.

C.D.Massachucetts, USA

Well I came in for a court ordered third DUI, and found out that drinking really wasn’t the main problem or root of my behavior. It was deeper than that. Empower has helped me understand how to channel my thought pattern to make wiser decisions for myself, family and business. Thanks to all staff members.

H.C.Florida, USA

Being at Empower was an unbelievable experience. I have learned things about myself that I might not have otherwise ever known. Empower has been such an amazing gift to me, and from those I have met, so many others as well. I wish everyone could experience this at least once in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are an addict, suffer from depression, or are just soul searching, Empower is a blessing for anyone.

M.J.New Jersey, USA

I resisted treatment for my PTSD/Depression. But, after a year or so of self-medicating and lying in bed for most of the day, I realized I needed help. I found help through the unique treatment at Empower It is a perfect balance of structure and freedom. All of the staff is warm and friendly. I feel mentally and physically ready to return home. I believe anyone could benefit from the practices taught here. It is not just for addictions, but for general mental health. It is with some sadness that I leave this haven today, but life has been patiently waiting for me to return.

L.M.Florida, USA

Empower has been a blessing to me. Since arriving here I have felt nothing but love from all of my fellow clients as well as the staff. I think the biggest help for my success as well as my new found spirituality has been the effort that the staff members put into each individual so that we were comfortable and all of our needs were met. This is a very safe environment which allowed me to expose my inner most emotions and change the perceptions that have kept me sick for most of my life. I now have a completely new meaning to my life and strong convictions of starting over. Thanks Empower.

G.W.Florida, USA

Relax and Enjoy Your Peaceful Home-Away-From-Home!